I see people throwing shade on the jotunheim outfit, aka the BEST of the loki outfits, and im like ‘how dare you hate on my precious boy?’

Were they around for when jotunheim outfit was the king of the outfits?? Or they have forgotten??? (a lot of people seem to be forgetting that thor 1 was actually GOOD rn)

Either way, don’t touch his precious peplum and get out of my way, YALLS forgotten the BEST BOY





Loki to the rescue!

Also… damn, Fandral… that’s gotta hurt!

I always thought that the fact that they showed Loki having Fandral while Thor was off fighting the Jotnar without caring about his friends’ safety was something the writters did on purpose. It enhanced the fact that, despite the way everything ended, at the beginning of the film Loki had good intentions, and probably much more of a conscience than Thor did. He was a hero in his own way, even thought most people (including his friends and family) didn’t realize.

It makes a lot of sense that Loki was the responsible one, following the rules, trying to do the right thing up to the point where he breaks. It just didn’t do him any favors. By the time he returns from the unknown to retrieve the tesseract he’s gone full “no more Mr. Nice Guy” because he’s learned that it doesn’t matter how much he tries; he’ll never be getting the recognition he deserves.

I really can’t blame him.

And that he told the guard where they were going, so that Odin would come. He didn’t anticipate it would take as long as it did.