“I’ve lived through him, you know. Other people can have their
opinion objectively about where Loki should go, but I’ve lived through
every moment. And sometimes I’m the only person who knows how it feels…”

Tom Hiddleston


Did you know that this scene was supposed to be Loki’s first appearance in ‘Thor: The Dark World?’ hence why the turn is more dramatic and stylized. ’ The opening scene with Loki and Odin was filmed much later and only barely made the cut!

THANK GOODNESS we didn’t have to wait 30 minutes to see our baby! 😍

(It’s amazing the things you learn when listening to the DVD audio commentary) #TheMoreYouKnow



"Did she suffer ?"

“I won’t tell you. She wasn’t your mom, she was only mine. You have no right to grieve. But risk your life giving me my revenge and if you’re lucky, I won’t murder you when I don’t need you anymore.”