We’re excited about Thor: Ragnarok, but we have a question: why is it that Thor’s name keeps appearing in the title? It’s like that latest Iron Man movie mixup. You know the one: Captain America: Civil War? Somebody mischievous really should go around the set with a label maker to make things right.

Be a mischief maker around the office in this Marvel Thor Loki Blazer. This single-breasted faux leather jacket was inspired by the costume of everyone’s favorite Asgardian in Thor: Ragnarok. Purple and blue may not be as slimming as black and green, but it goes with a lot more in our closets.

Marvel Thor Loki Ladies’ Blazer



I took a nap this evening and dreamed that they had the wisdom and good judgment to let me write the screenplay for the Loki movie.

The only problem was that they wouldn’t let the movie open with Thor dying horribly.

LOL. You’ll probably like the first chapter of Like A Million Suns then, when I get it posted. RIP Thor.

XD I will watch for it!

It would indeed be awesome if they let you write the script, though. Or anyone who has a modicum of compassion and good sense at the very least. If they do happen to come by with an offer, want a collaborator? XD

*G* Sure!

writer-redux said: Did they let you put thorki in it, though?

They had Hiddles and Hemsworth onscreen together. That means there was thorki. Those guys are biologically incapable of not looking like they’re fucking.




I really want there to be like a proper bad guy movie. Like where the bad guy wins but not like megamind where he turns all soft but one where the hero dies or something and the bad guy actually takes over the world and enslaves the human race or whatever there plan is and nothing else


YES. Also, yes please.

OK, know what? I don’t actually want Loki to have his own movie. Because it’s clear that if he does, Marvel will fuck it up big time. I signed the petition and will stand by it, but it’s from solidarity for the character, not because I think Marvel might make a decent movie out of him.

At this point, the only reason I’m going to Thor 2 at all is to confirm that it’s as bad as I expect.