Russos in the beginning talking about Loki in IW. “No More Resurrections” was intended to be fourth wall breaking, Loki’s dead dead, Tom was upset about Loki getting offed.

Thanks, guys. Thanks for like. Rubbing it in. I mean, I knew it already, but it just feels unnecessarily harsh to be like, “No, you Loki fans specifically SHOULD abandon all hope.”

Seriously the more I think about this the madder I get. The Russos just fundamentally Do Not Get It. They don’t get anything. They don’t get why Loki was a fan favorite (oh but his fans are mostly women so who cares amirite), they don’t get that Thor doesn’t NEED manpain to be a hero HE JUST FUCKING IS ONE ALREADY THANKS, they don’t get that the villain they made is disgusting, they don’t get that we care more about the characters than the plot, they basically just don’t get anything about what made people love these heroes in the first place.

And I’m still super salty about how that “no more resurrections” line was a very pointed and specific “fuck you.” Thanks, guys. Really. Thanks. I hadn’t quite gotten that yet. And to insult Hiddles on top of it, like he hasn’t killed it in every appearance as Loki and also spoken nothing but good words about his experience working with Marvel in like every interview.

Don’t even get me started on what kind of shitbags they must be IRL to think that Thanos’s “arc” made him “sympathetic.” All it does it try to legitimize abusers and it revolts me on a visceral level.

I agree with everything OP says, and with most of the stuff in the comments, however…..

I think we can all rant on the internet until the cows come home, or until the day we turn blue in the face. Marvel, Disney, the Russos, Feige and the like will give a flying fuck. And why should they, now that they’ve filled their satchels and wiped their hands on this franchise?

Seriously, we all knew what was going to happen to Loki. We all saw how Tom was being treated through the promo tour (and I daresay throughout the filming as well, and to me all this already started in Ragnarök, but don’t get me started). And yet every one of us who went and watched this….thing…in theaters basically rewarded Marvel’s ass by making IW’s the biggest opening weekend in the history of whatever. Of course they care shit about people’s opinions afterwards! Why should they? They already have our money, that’s what counts for them and nothing else.

And this is why, if we want them to take us seriously, we need to hit them where it really hurts. Instead of ranting away on the internet, rather don’t go and buy the Infinity War DVD. Don’t buy tickets for the next Avengers. Don’t go and see any Marvel or Russo Bros film ever again. Check for any involvement of Feige, or any of the writers, and don’t watch anything they’ve got their fingers in. Don’t buy any Marvel merchandise anymore. Don’t give them a dime’s worth of your money, and be vocal about it. Send them e-mails. “Hello, how nice you’ve got a new film out. I’m not going to see it because you treated fans and actors horribly last time and this is unacceptable.”

Send them this every.single.fucking.time, ten times a day. Post it on Twitter and tag the officials. Take it where they see it, and make it known. Make IW2 the biggest fail in Marvel history. Give them back what they gave us.

We are not only fans, we are consumers. We have the power, not they. It’s about time we show them.

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Dear Marvel













Since you clearly have no use for Loki and would rather see him dead, than give him the storyline he deserves, I would like to propose an open adoption.

I am a very responsible adult. I have already raised two children. I am a home owner and I have a steady source of income. I would take excellent care of Loki. He could have his own room. I would feed him and make sure that he is healthy and safe. I do live in California, so he would need to use lots of sunscreen. I would see to it that he has plenty of books to read and things to occupy his time and stimulate his mind. I promise to keep him out of trouble and not let him take over the planet. 

I anxiously await your reply,


I live in Sweden, much closer to his habitual climate. May I propose a shared custody agreement?

He can spend winter with me, summer with you. How’s that?

Sounds perfect. Let’s make sure to synch up so he has a consistent sleep and food schedule.

Will we be setting up play dates for him?

Can he come visit Chicago for a week or two? There are some lovely hotels here and the weather is perfect right now.

Sure, we want him to experience the full gamut of Midgardian culture.

@juliabohemian, I feel really stupid. I read your first post, but then when I decided to reblog much later, I’d somehow completely forgotten you had Loki experiencing California already.

And if you’re in SoCal, you should probably be the one taking Loki to the beach. I’m in the bay area, so our water is significantly colder. Hmm, or maybe he’d like that? Maybe Loki can try both SoCal and NorCal beaches, just to get a feel for both. Hiking through the redwood forests is still on offer though, if Loki’s interested in coming up here.

Haha that’s okay. I feel like Northern and Southern California beaches are different enough from one another.

I offer myself for make our King experiencing the lovely Mediterranean climate of Italy. You know,… warm sun, sweet air, blue sea, beautiful places, books and tasty food.

You don’t have to worry…I will protect his delicate pale skin with the most soft, effective sunscreen.

Well shit here I am offering California when you’ve got Italy…hopefully we can share

Of course we can. Sharing is caring…

He may not feel entirely comfortable in New York City, but if he wants to visit here anyway he can stay with me.

Seriously, we need to rescue him from Marvel. Let’s write better stories for him to live in.



Me: *has to cope*

Me: ‎writes fics where Loki comes back with a cake and a balloon and a wide grin “surpriiiiiiiise!” he says as Thor looks him in the eye and does that thing with his jaw and walks angrily towards Loki who is now pacing backwards mumbling, “perhaps I should have called first” and Thor just angrily walks up to him and hugs him and thats that.

“I thought I’d lost you brother.” He says softly as he huge Loki. Loki is taken by surprise but he recovers.

“Me too” he replies and slowly brings his hands to rest on Thor and he hugs Thor back, a smile breaking on his lips.

That’s it. That’s all. That’s all I ask for but can’t get so I gotta produce it myself.



It’s funny. Six months ago Loki stans were pissed off about his characterization in Ragnarok, thinking that he couldn’t possibly have been handled any worse, and now fast forward to Infinity War and we’re all just like


I’d want to go back to here

And just let it be a happy ending.



Loki doesn’t need Marvel approval for being worthy. Nor dying for Thor will makes him finally redeemed at the audience’s eyes.

Or makes him more “acceptable”.

He’s always been worthy, and a redemption for being himself would be a final act of disrespect towards him.

Let Loki live and YOU, Marvel, will be redeemed at MY eyes.

Time to say this again.







“There’s nothing else left for Loki to do in the MCU! His story’s over!”

Well, personally I’ve barely seen any of the things I’ve wanted Loki to do so far, so here’s a list. Things that Loki should still do / that should still happen to Loki in the MCU:

– Loki having an actual deep conversation with Thor about why he’s angry and what went wrong in their relationship. Thor actually apologizing for treating Loki badly when they were younger. Thor and Loki hugging. (You know, kind of like the talk Gamora and Nebula got to have at the end of GotG2.)

– Other characters actually acknowledging that Odin wronged Loki and that (even though he went about it all wrong) Loki had a right to be upset. Thor acknowledging that Loki’s slights were not “imagined”.

– Loki meeting the Avengers again, becoming the snarky “villain-turned-ally” character (think Zuko from AtlA), and fighting alongside them

– Loki coming to terms with his Jotun heritage. We got a bit of this in Infinity War, but I wanted so much more, like:

– Loki changing into his Jotun form – and finding out what exactly Odin did to make him look Aesir in the first place

– Loki using his ice powers (and Tony wasting no time to nickname him ‘Elsa’ or ‘Jack Frost’)

– Loki travelling to Jotunheim to find out more about his birth culture. Meeting his biological siblings (and Thor getting jealous about it). Getting to hear the other side of the story of the war. Finding out how much of the story Odin told Loki about finding him abandoned as a baby is actually true and how much Odin invented to make himself look better. Dealing with any feelings of guilt Loki might have about killing Laufey and trying to destroy Jotunheim.

– Loki meeting the GotG and just getting to interact with them

– Loki and Gamora bonding over their similar backstories (I’ll make a whole other post about this at some point…)

– Loki and Nebula becoming snarky BFFs who bond over their pain and play pranks on their siblings together

– Mantis describing Loki’s own feelings of self-loathing to him

– Loki’s bisexuality/non-straightness actually being adressed (for example through him admitting he had an affair with the Grandmaster?)

– Loki coming out as genderfluid and shape-shifting into Lady Loki (played by Katie McGrath or Eva Green)

– Loki and Thor travelling to Heven and finding their long-lost sister Angela

– Loki living on Earth and becoming BFFs with Verity Willis

– For some reason I really want to see Loki running a night club on Earth

Feel free to add to the list

The thing is… I think a lot of the people saying Loki doesn’t have anything left to do or his story is over simply don’t recognize that Loki had any good reasons for being angry and upset, that the slights against him weren’t imagined, that Thor ever treated Loki badly or bore any responsibility for the poor state of their relationship. They seem to think (like Taika Waititi, apparently) that Loki was just being an asshole for no reason and that the only thing Thor was doing wrong or needed to change was continuing to reach out to Loki and offer him his love and trust.

So agree with all this.


This, my friends, is exactly what fanfiction is for. Because, lbr, we won’t ever get any of this in the MCU. But I could definitely (with the permission of OP, ofc), take a stab at writing either a whole long fic or connected vignettes even. Because all of this is amazing.

OP here, and YES PLEASE! Feel free to write any of this! And tag me in it if you do, so I can read it!!!

(I should mention that some of these ideas were actually inspired be fanfictions I read ages ago and only vaguely remember.)

(And please do me one favour if you write any of this, and don’t make Loki straight. I’m just saying that because there’s people in my notes right now arguing about MCU-Loki’s sexuality (I made a post where I called him an LGBT-character and they got angry about it) and it’s very exhausting…)