Хлеб в хлебопечке

“Bread in the bread maker”

is the cats name BREAD

dunno if it was already explained but
there is a russian cat meme and this meme is about that meme (meme²)
here you can see original one: 

the text is:
“you may think i’m a bread
but i’m actually a cat, not a bread!!!! don’t eat me!!!!”
this meme was probably made by some child, that’s why the original grammar is so bad (in english it could probably be like “you may think i a bread, but actualy i a cat and not bred!!! dont eat me!!”)
for some strange reason this thing became iconic in russian meme culture and if you will say “here’s a bread on the street, it’s so cute!” almost every young adult will get the fact you meant cat
thanks for your attention, your fellow professor of memology is always here to make russian memes clear