marvel is moving on to infinity war but like…my heart is still hanging onto the potential of the post-2012 avengers team…like in my heart i still want 135 marvel movies kinda like catws with the avengers making jokes and meeting new people and being friends. nat and clint go on a mission. tony and steve have to work together for a movie. bruce just kinda takes a nap and waters the plants he keeps on his floor at the tower and that’s his whole deal. the team is a team and they work together as a team of people who are decent to each other and are a team and get along and sometimes argue over what kind of takeout to order

yes please


The real irony of the whole superheroes-versus-YA war that’s going on at the box office right now is that Marvel could easily capture the young-adult-fiction crowd if they’d just pull their heads out of their arses and make a superhero movie starring a teenage girl. It’s not like they don’t have enough characters to choose from!



how are the civilians in the marvel universe surprised by anything ever like every time something happened i would just be like


“there they go wit that bs”



Marvel’s new AR helmet puts you inside Iron Man’s armor

anyway this badass HUD simulation will cost fifTY DOLLARS and i’m CRYING and also

tony stark will mcfuckin don the INFINITY GAUNTLET IN A3 and i DARE YOU to suggest otherwise,

tony stark will mcfuckin don the INFINITY GAUNTLET IN A3 and i DARE YOU to suggest otherwise

One of the two things that would convince me to end my Marvel boycott. The other being Loki shown to have been coerced by and helping to defeat Thanos.



I really think it was a mistake for Marvel to make the Asgardians space aliens instead of actual gods. I’m just curious: does anyone agree?

I didn’t mind Marvel making them space aliens, so much as I minded them going “oooOOOooo, nothing is magic, everything is super advanced science ooooo”.

Like, that took a LOT away from what made Asgard/Jotunheimr/other realms so interesting – they can do these amazing, advanced things with magic, but are otherwise limited by social constructs and other rules/limitations set in place for seidr. To just hand-wave away all of that world-building potential as “advanced science too advanced for puny Midgardian minds to understand” was a MAJOR mistake in my opinion, if only bc that makes them so much more boring and flat in a universe where magic-like science already exists with Wakanda, or Stark Industries.

Or Dr. Strange. Yes.

I think maybe at that point they didn’t realize just how much the cinematic universe was going to expand and made a bad call.


Marvel Cinematic Universe Rotten Tomatoes scores (average 82.3125%)

TDW’s score is 66 points higher than it should be, but I’m relieved to see that the really good Marvel movies have higher ratings than the bad ones, with the exception of the horrific Civil War. And that recent movies seem to be better; maybe axing Perlmutter is having an effect.