Man I have never known straight dude writers to shy away from putting out stuff like ‘my thinly-veiled self-insert goes on a mediocre adventure but more importantly ends up in a love quadrangle with these four female characters who are all incredibly hot to me’, but most of the lady writers I know get nervous if they write one (1) love story where *gasp* two whole dudes compete for the same lady’s love!

So listen.


Go out and give your warrior witch lady a magic talking panther that flies and five hot elf boyfriends (or girlfriends, or datemates, whatever) who all happily share her. Or fight over her. Whichever. Make each of them as smoking hot as you please. Indulge yourself. Live.

And this goes absolutely double for WoC and trans ladies and queer ladies and everyone else who has extra troubles with being shamed for your indulgence.

If you’re going to worry about stuff in your story it should be things like ‘is that trope racist?’ or ‘how do I fix this plot hole?’, not ‘am I putting in too many elements that I personally enjoy?’


Writing teachers: Write what you know

Girls: write what they know

The entire world forever: Ugh stop with your self-insert Mary Sue fics/cozy domestic chick lit/depiction of romantic relationships/female friendships/no one wants this/this isn’t *real* literature



I don’t think there’s an applause gif big enough to properly convey my reaction to this.

Also, I love that if anyone tries to say that you’re just “another hack fic writer with no ideas of her own who is jealous of the “real” writers out there”, they could quite literally be crushed under your catalog of award-winning original writing as a response. They can’t dismiss your stance on this topic the way they do to so many unpublished / fanfic writers because you’ve already met all of the standards that they insist someone has before they’ll accept their opinion as worth listening to.


“Well, fanfic authors never win awards, so–”
“That’s basically, it’s, you know, the People’s Choice, so–”
“That’s a science fiction award, it doesn’t really–”
“…well you wrote porn.”

@seananmcguire, I love you.



seriously though the life of Ada Lovelace is some next level Mary Sue bullshit

oooh I’m the daughter of Lord Byron, I’m a countess, I get Dickens to come to my house to read me bed time stories in person, I’m learning mathematics from De Morgan, I know calculus, I take tea with Charles Darwin, I’m the world’s first computer programmer, I display a depth of understanding that won’t be reached in the software industry for another hundred years, la de fucking da

lady, chill

Hi my name is Ada King-Noel Byron Lovelace and I have long brown hair with natural ringlets and dark eyes and a lot of people tell me I look like Queen Victoria (AN: if you don’t know who she is then get da hell out of the empire!). I am related to Lord Byron but I wish I wasn’t because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a countess but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a mathematician, and I have a special tutor named Mary Somerville (I am seventeen). I’m a genius (in case you couldn’t tell) and I associate with famous intellectuals. For example today I was meeting Dickens for tea, arguing with Babbage, and having dinner with Darwin. I was walking outside Ockham Park. It was dry and there was no rain, which my Difference Engine was very happy about. A lot of proper Victorian housewives stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

Rey is given a luxury that comes so easily to male heroes – she simply turns a corner, finds a magical item (Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber, no less) and it awakens the Force in her. Just that. No searing infertility, no rape, no revelation of past abuse, no heartbreak, no sacrifice. No heroine who’s validity is defined by what she has sacrificed, in the way of Katniss handing up her life for her sister, becoming a martyr for a revolution. In the way of Ariel, handing over her power to speak in order to walk on land. No poison apple, no needle on a spinning wheel here.

Opinion: Girls Explain Star Wars To You – (via damelola)

Good lord, what a great insight on Rey.

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Seriously, I have heard so many variants, from women who’ve seen it, of “IS THIS WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO BE A TEENAGE BOY IN THE 1980s!?!?”

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Huh. That’s…..that’s why some folks think she’s a Mary Sue, isn’t it? Because she has the typically ‘male’ narrative of just starting her Hero’s Journey abruptly, as opposed to the more typically ‘female’ narrative of power resulting from overcoming trauma of some kind.

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male writers writing male characters: This Bruce Killshot. He has over 10000 confirmed kills and is the top leading spy in the Super Hard To Get In Spy Organization Of The World. He is a master of every martial art and can use virtually any weapon with ease. He’s not only a Real Gruff Man but a Ladies man who smokes cigars while Having Sex With Beautiful Women but he never gets attached. He’s a hard Whiskey Drinking Man who once killed an elephant with a toothpick and bottle of glue.

Men: this is so realistic wow such a complex character….

A woman: This is Angela she’s the chosen one of this story and has a natural knack for magic and can-

men: this fucking self insert mary sue this is fucking trash are you kidding me