“There was one day, actually, where I ran amok in a lunch break and I stole the [Captain America] shield and the [Thor] hammer. We were in these underground tunnels in Cleveland; I literally had the shield in my hand and was holding the hammer aloft in my arm. I sent pictures to Chris [Evans] and Chris [Hemsworth] and was like, ‘Guys, I’m not giving them back.‘”

                             -Tom Hiddleston to Access Hollywood, while filming Avengers


I just really want a Stan Lee cameo where he is the cleaning lady and picks up Thor’s hammer to swipe under it, then puts it down and just continues cleaning.


All I need from life is a Marvel/DC crossover where Diana and Thor are being bros and she picks up his hammer and all the Avengers are like “how did you do that?!” and Banner has been introducing Diana to classic films because he thinks it’s hilarious to see her commentary on stuff like Mean Girls and Miss Congeniality so naturally her reply is “What? Like it’s hard?”