3 Things I know for certain:

– Sam Esmail is unable to switch the friggin light on

– Elliot Alderson is mentally a genius but emotionally a buffoon

– The Camera Man for Mr. Robot is definitely Spider-Man

Mr. Robot plotbunny

Note: spoilers for S3.

Little Wellick Jr. has a hell of a Marty Stu backstory. 

Like, he gets adopted via Social Services to some random family. In his late teens or 20s, he gets curious about his biological parents. And then uncovers who they were and why he wound up adopted. And probably attracts the attention of the people who changed the course of his life in his infancy and winds up on the run from them.

We’ve all seen this movie.

Mr. Robot


There needs to be fic about Wellick Jr. Talk about a Marty Stu backstory.

A teenage boy finds out he’s adopted. His adoptive parents might be okay, or not, but of course he wants to know about his origins. But after a bit of prying it turns out that his bio-parents were super rich, and were major players in the social and economic upheaval that happened around the time he was born, and he might be able to claim an inheritance, plus they did all kinds of amazing things, and maybe his father is still alive, and ALL KINDS of interesting things could happen.