Roommate: (to cat) Leo!
Leo: *looks wide-eyed*
Roommate: I don’t know what you were doing, but you looked guilty.
Roommate: So I’m just going to say “Leo!” on spec.

Whenever there are two or more cats on my bed – which is often, because I have four of ‘em – I tell Roommate, “My bed is Loki’s brain.”

Catfight: *happens in my bedroom*
Me: *runs in to chase Ling and Leo out of my bedroom while Betsy takes cover under my bed*
Me: It was a three-cat pile-up.

Me to my cat Ling: You are the Siamesest Siamese to ever Siamese!
Me: If Stuart Semple made Siamese cats, he would make you!

I’ve taken more pics of Betsy, the cat I need to find a home for. I’ve had her spayed and gotten her shots and everything.

At first she was quite friendly, but my other cats don’t like her – and they’re right, 4 is one cat too many for this apartment – and eventually it made her tense and nervous. She probably needs to be an only cat, or live with only one other pet.

So please, signal boost this. Does anyone in the NYC area want a cute little black cat?