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Just looking at Hiddleston’s IMDB and this is his latest project apparently.

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OK, I’m working on an outline for a Frostiron~Westworld fusion. Tony’s the human, Loki’s the robot. But apparently Hiddles has plagiarized my fic before I’ve even started it.


What is a quality or feature you have that you /always/ end up projecting onto your OCs?

Gender identity issues. Parent issues. A tendency to blush easily.

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Someone just complimented the “Kingsman reference” in my fic Alliance.

Only, I’ve never seen Kingsman and so I have no idea what the reference I made was.

Reblog with your most common writing cliche






I’ll go first. All my characters have a habit of Raising a Single Eyebrow. 

I can always add more to a sentence with comma and em dash abuse.

It’s Technique ™

My characters sigh and blush way too much.

Mutiny and mistaken identities.

Oh, also, my heroes generally 1) escape from prison and 2) overthrow dictatorships.

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I guess if you want to just ignore all the movies up till now and randomly have comics Loki in the Infinity War movie instead of movie Loki, then the almost guaranteed train wreck they’re brewing will be fine with you. If you wish they would stay in continuity, here’s what they ought to do.

Moggy’s note: Now that IW is out I thought I might re-link this.

Infinity War If Anyone In the MCU or at Marvel Studios (Except For Loki) Had Any Sense – Kadorienne – Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]

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1. favourite fic overall
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The last few years I’ve started a lot of original stories and stalled on most of them. As you can imagine, it’s getting pretty discouraging, and by now of course I’m afraid to try to write things because I might put in days or weeks of effort on something and not be able to finish it.

HOWEVER, yesterday I was outlining a story, and I found myself thinking things like, “Oh, I’d better figure out how the hero escapes from prison before I start writing, that’s one of the plot points that I tend to get stalled on.”*

That is, all those stalled stories are helping. I’m learning what kinds of things I have trouble with and that I need to figure them out early on before it messes everything up.

Just thought someone else might benefit from this.

* Most of my plots involve heroes escaping from prison.

Hm. I might have a revised headcanon for Loki.

I’ve always figured, based partly on various hints from the first movie and also on personality probability, that for the past thousand years Loki has been doing a lot of the work of running Asgard. That he expected to pretty much do all the work of ruling all his life when Thor was king while Thor took the credit. And for the past thousand years Thor’s been just running around killing people while Odin’s been just sitting around deciding who Thor would kill next.

The one problem with this is, how did Loki manage to do all this work for a millennium and not notice his father and brother were evil tyrants?

It just occurred to me that this is the mirror image of Tony’s history. Tony was alternately having fun and inventing stuff and let Obadiah Stone run his company for him, which was how Obie was able to misuse SI and Tony’s inventions and fortune for evil. Just because Tony wasn’t paying attention.

Now I suddenly thought, what if Loki’s story is more like that? What if Odin told Loki, Don’t worry about all that stuff, your brother will be the king, you can do magic and read and enjoy yourself.

What if Odin told Loki, Why don’t you find out where there’s some more magical relics on far-off worlds that I can send Thor to steal for the greater good.

What if Odin told Loki, This magical doodad you created is amazing, why don’t you stay in your chambers and create another one, I’ll give you a pat on the head.

What if Loki is even more like Tony than we thought?

Guess I’ll have to write another fanfic just to use this idea.

(Maybe I can use it in my Aquafrost idea.)

I just realized one of my own biggest problems as a writer when it comes to originalfic.

I don’t create enough characters. I’m a loner and an introvert and don’t like it when there’s a lot of people around, so naturally when I have absolute control over how many people are around, I tend to only have two or three of them and there’s only so much a story can do with that.

In fanfic I have to grudgingly accept the many characters who my faves are forced to interact with. Unless I can figure out a way to get them snowbound in a cottage or something. But my faves having to share the universe with characters I don’t care about gives the story more events. If only that I have the interesting characters kill the boring or annoying ones so I don’t have to keep seeing the latter around.