This is Kjell Lindgren. He’s a NASA astronaut who just got back from 5 months on the International Space Station. There are two reasons why this picture is hilarious:

  1. His wife is flawless and makes bad space puns to make him do household chores.
  2. I have that shirt. Thousands of people have that shirt. That shirt is available at Target. Which means actual astronaut Kjell Lindgren, with his wardrobe already full of NASA-issued and logo-emblazoned clothes, was at Target, saw a NASA shirt, and was like, “Yes, I am buying this because this is what I want to spend my actual astronaut salary on.”

 tl;dr NASA employs a bunch of fucking nerds

It gets better.

Courtesy of Wikipedia, here’s the poster NASA released for his mission to the ISS:

NASA confirmed for a bunch of fucking nerds

*wipes single tear*

They’re just too beautiful.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. 

NASA personnel are, like, the top nerds. The alpha nerds. The absolute nerdiest nerds. The nerds other nerds look to for nerdspiration. 


I strongly recommend a visit to the following website (http://spaceflight101.com/iss/iss-expedition-posters/) that has all of them.

Everything started off all vanilla but a Expedition 16 they showed that they were truly Masters of The Dork Side of The Force:


Some other amusing posters they approved:







Actually, This is how the webcam was invented. 

At Cambridge University, they were sick of checking the coffee pot level, so Quentin Stafford-Frasier wrote client software for a greyscale 128×128 camera hooked up to an acorn archemedes computer. 

Paul Jardetzky wrote the server program.


Technology always comes full circle.

Necessity is the mother of invention.





Man though you know what makes me sorta sad is when nerdy, “quiet” kids latch on to me during camp and they just talk and talk and talk about a thing they’re into (Skyrim, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, dinosaurs, whatever). And I see the kids just light up when they say something and I can chime in with an ‘oh hey, are you talking about [x]? I love that thing! Tell me more about it.’

Like, their parents will warn me ‘so-and-so is pretty quiet and hard to engage’ but no, man, just listen, your kid is so smart and so into This Thing, they’ll engage like fuck and talk your damn ear off it you let them. Frame it in their damn terms. Or! Just! Listen to them about their Thing! And they will engage with the rest of the material! Because they know you care about them! Amazing!!!

Quiet kids are usually that way because either no one listens, or there is always someone more dominant speaking wise in their group that always talks over them and then they give up. Some quiet kids are starved for attention and really really want to talk, but don’t always get the chance to

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So earlier I was watching some show and they did the usual thing where a nerd starts talking about the techy details of how he did the amazing thing and the other characters cut him off and reminded him to get to the point and stop being boring, in fact today I have seen that on two totally separate shows, and then I was watching my old Elementary vids, and I just realized that all of Sherlock Holmes canon and fanwork is an AU where everybody is fascinated to hear the nerd’s techy details.

I’d like to hear what they have to say. This really annoys me.

Yeah, I know that it’s a fictional tool to make the imaginary science seem legitimate without having to actually come up with a coherent explanation because the other characters interrupt the explanation, but I’m tired of it.

But if they’re just saying a random fact there is no real reason to interrupt them.

Now I want the nerd characters to refuse to hand over the goodies unless the other characters let them finish their technobabble.