This is all I have to say

I truly don’t give a fuck what anyone disagreeing with me has to say just make a separate post instead of flooding my notifications, thank you


Bruce: I got Netflix for you like you asked!

Clark: Oh awesome! I’ve been mooching off Lois’ account for years so this’ll be nice.

Bruce: Wait, what do you mean account?

Clark: Her Netflix account


Clark: Like her profile? I wanted an account of my own. They’re like, $8.


Bruce: Ohhh. You wanted… an account on the service..

Clark: Yeah, what did you think I meant? Wait what did you buy?


Bruce: … Netflix


Body: no! I refuse to do this activity!

Me: you have to!

Body: no!

Me: yes or I’m taking away your 24 hour nap sessions!

Body: alright fine *moves arm slightly to turn up netflix*

Body: happy?

Me: very


These magical socks ensure you don’t miss a minute on Netflix

Just when you thought you have seen it all in the wearable space, Netflix goes and introduces socks that pause shows when you fall asleep. Just before the holidays, Netflix released instructions and templates for a DIY project to knit and connect socks so that they detect when you are sleeping to pause your favourite show on the popular streaming service.

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