2 years ago I saw Only Lovers Left Alive, fell in love with it, drew this, and then lost all my files (including the scans of the steps; I still had the drawing) when my hard drive crashed.

But luckily for me, one of my best friend’s a computer wizard, and got me all my files back !

But then my other drive crashed.

But Mugen saved me again (ouh, that rhymes)So now, I can finally post the gif I made with the steps, and the final drawing.

Better late than never !


that fucking smile

@gold-from-straw: “Did you hear he was banned from smiling more than once or twice in that movie? Tilda Swinton and the director were rationing him cos he’s too smiley lol!”

Yes! Because Adam doesn’t smile that often, and not like that. Which makes the couple of times he was allowed to all the more dazzling.