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That’s the problem with being a good kid. Adults know they can pick on you for stupid shit like leaving cups in your room and you still won’t wreck the car or steal their money to buy drugs or get an STD. Meanwhile they’re grateful when the delinquents just refrain from setting fire to the place one week.

Advanced peaceful aliens invaded and forced us to become peaceful with their super-advanced technology.

Surprisingly, however, adding punishment as an option did not improve the level of cooperation (37%). The final financial payoffs in this trial group were also, on average, significantly less than those gained by players in the static group. Interestingly, less defection was seen in the punishment group when compared to the static group; some players replaced defection with punishment.

“While the implied message when punishing someone is ‘I want you to be cooperative,’ the immediate effect is more consistent with the message ‘I want to hurt you,’” write the researchers in their study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Why, then, is punishment so pervasive in human societies? “It could be that human brains are hardwired to derive pleasure from punishing competitors,” says Jusup. “However, it is more likely that, in real life, a dominant side has the ability to punish without provoking retaliation,” adds Wang.

I’m going with the “hardwired” thing. It’s unpleasant but fits my own observations of humans.

Is punishment as effective as we think?

I’m feeling unwell and thus even more pessimistic than usual but childhood is the most horrifying thing. You’re dumped into the lap of some random person who’s going to spend the next two decades or more inflicting their damage on you and you have no escape you have to just be their punching bag while they take all their anger at everything bad that’s ever happened in their lives on you until you’re big enough to hit back who came up with this fucking system