Here’s my contribution to the Potato Zine! Limited, physical copies are available as well as a PDF version for free/PWYW. Follow the link: and follow these other incredible artists if you aren’t already! @beccychampagne @chaoticgoodgames @anneimatorsketch @jessiethelookout @littlediggits @meekius @smuzes and @Shammens (on Twitter)

This lovely zine was conceptualized by @beccychampagne and is loaded (HA) with amazing potato content! Thanks Beccs!!

I have 4 copies to spare, and will be bringing them to VanCaf for trades.



Okay but have you guys actually read little Chell’s poster board because omfg

“My dad said somebody at the cafeteria ordered too many potatoes so everybody has to do a science project on potatoes now for Take Your Daughter To Work Day and lunch will be french fries.”

“My dad says his hypothesis is whoever ordered all the potatoes will probably get fired.”

“If I used more potatoes maybe I could have gotten more volts, but the one dad brought home smelled and I didn’t want more.”

“PROCEDURES: I did the same thing I did last time.”

She drew a smiley face on the potato

What an adorable child I’m cryin

little!chell is adorable yesyes