Your daily reminder that when people say that private enterprise will do things more efficiently, the thing it will turn a higher profit at the expense of whatever service it was meant to provide.

Your other daily reminder that when someone’s quarterly earnings report depends on the number of criminals who are incarcerated, that gives them the resources and the incentive to lobby to have as many people declared criminals as possible.

the prison industrial complex can kiss my ass

The nation’s first privately owned state prison has quickly turned into a total hellhole




Norwegian prisons are nicer than my apartment.

holy shit dude

I was really shocked by this and dubious, so I decided to read further. There’s a great article about this here:

As it turns out, this is more like a halfway house. Prisoners usually begin their term in a prison more like one we’d typically recognize – bars on the windows, locked in their cells. But the emphasis there is on successful reintegration into society. 

As their sentence progresses, with good behavior, they can move into a facility more like this, where their freedoms are still restricted, but they can do things like network with people outside of prison, search for employment, cook and clean and look after themselves, and begin making plans for their reintegration into society. 

As a result, Norway has one of the lowest rates of recidisvism. 20% as opposed to America’s 76%. 

It seems like a shocking idea to us because of where and how we live, but apparently, Norwegians are addressing the real problem. When you take people who can’t function well in society, and then…help them do that?…they….do. Without the crime-ing. 



Also, we all know this is particularly targeted at Black and Native kids, who are targeted by police, who are given harsher punishments by courts, and who are more likely to be in impoverished families.

For those that might want some data on the racial disparities, here’s a small sampling of the massive amounts of evidence that this absolutely is targeted at children of color.,3,4,5,6&offenses=5,2,8,1,9,11,10&year=2015&view=map

Debtors’ Prison for Kids: Poor Children Incarcerated When Families Can’t Pay Juvenile Court Fees


So you know how slavery is still technically legal in the US “as a punishment for crime”? Yeah. About that.

If, by the end of that article, you’re thinking to yourself, “How can people professing to be a ‘Christian’ support group allow things like that to happen?” then please allow me to present to you the intellectual evil that is the just-world fallacy.

[Content warning for discussion of sexual assault at the link, since “she was asking for it” arguments are a depressingly common example of the fallacy in action.]

The unjust world.


Hey y’all, there’s a program working on this!

The Menstruatin’ with Satan program, founded by The Satanic Temple Arizona, is collecting donations of pads, tampons, and other menstrual supplies for incarcerated women, as well as fighting to raise the monthly allotment of products!

If you’re not in AZ, you can help out the Temple by buying them products on their Amazon Wish List, here.

And if you are in Arizona, help ‘em out! There are a bunch of drop-off and volunteer locations.




This judge had exactly the right reaction to the shameful way nonviolent prisoners are treated in US jails

A woman was denied pants or tampons after being arrested for not completing a diversion course that was part of her sentencing from a shoplifting charge. But see how the judge reacts when she finds out that the prisoner’s humiliating treatment is apparently routine.

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I hope she chopped heads that day.

Look at that. a judge doing a good job. ABOUT TIME.