Me: Alright, brain, we have two tasks to do. One of them is more time sensitive, but working on the other will be more fun. Which should I start on?

My brain: Do fucking nothing for 72 hours

Me: Understandable, have a nice day



one of my favorite phrases is ‘that’s a problem for future me’ because it combines two of my favorite things, mild humor and intense, panic inducing procrastination 

I started using it as a way to joke/panic about procrastination, but then it somehow became an anxiety relief for when I’m feeling overwhelmed. “Right now you only have to shower. Stop overthinking about the assignment, that’s a problem for future me”. Maybe it helps thinking about ‘future me’ as a different version of myself so that responsibilities are divided? I don’t know… but it works, I’d recommend it



I just heard this woman say “you procrastinate because you are afraid of rejection. It’s a defense mechanism, you are trying to protect yourself without even trying.” and I think I just realized what was wrong with me.


someone who is good at self regulating: and after i take a shower i will do my homework
me, a goblin: i will lie in bed for 6 hours thinking about what i should do