If I keep having ptsd flashbacks this often I’ll have to start dressing like a bat when I go out to beat up criminals.



I just had a nightmare that I was two hours late for school and my dad was yelling at me about it. I woke up in a panic and remembered “Oh wait, it’s Saturday.” And laid back down, feeling the panic dissolve.

Then…ten seconds later.

“I’m 31.”

The lasting psychological effects of school are very prominent

I’m 47. I still occasionally have nightmares about being back in school.


i think sometimes trauma survivors fall into this place where it’s very hard to believe that anything that happened to you was that bad. and the only proof you have that it was that bad is that you’re suffering. and so healing can be really scary and difficult because it means giving up the only tangible evidence you have that you were traumatized in the first place