does marvel really need to think long and hard about why their comic books aren’t selling when they got assholes like nick spencer spouting pro-nazi rhetoric on twitter


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Captain America punches Nazis in the face.

I feel like we need this again.

Captain America Punches Nazis in the Face – Chapter 1 – Lauralot – Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]

Just a friendly reminder





That telling people to punch Nazis is not covered under Free Speech, and is legally considered an Unlawful Incitement of Violence. If you are caught punching someone who has not incited violence upon you, or someone else, you will rightfully be arrested for assault. If you incite violence against another human being, in front of an officer of the peace, you will likely be detained, and held for that very same reason.

No violence against anyone is justified.

Not legally. Not morally.

Remember. Captain America, as written by JEWISH AMERICANS knew better than you lot.

Just a friendly reminder that Jack Kirby, Jewish co-creator of Captain America very much was in support of punching and killing Nazis!

The decision to use Hitler as the central villain demanded that the crimes be realistically evil rather than theatrical scene chewing, and the heroics had to be equally driven. From the very first story the villain murdered a scientist, saboteurs blew up and killed innocents, and the Red Skull assassinated military personnel. Captain America was not designed to bring these criminals to justice, or to help bad people change their ways. Cap was not a cop; he was created to destroy this evil, to wipe it off the face of this Earth. Cap did not debate the morality of an eye for an eye, or worry about the philosophical ramifications of his actions, his job was to affect an almost Biblical retribution on those who would destroy us. Captain America was an elemental remedy to a primal malevolence. He was Patton in a tri-colored costume.

In fact, he was totally ready to punch a fucking Nazi himself!

On occasion the Timely office would get phone calls and letters from Nazi sympathizers threatening the creators of Captain America. Once, while Jack was in the Timely office, a call came from someone in the lobby. When Kirby answered, the caller threatened Jack with bodily harm if he showed his face. Kirby told the caller he would be right down, but by the time Jack reached street level, there was no one to be found.

And he liked to tell war stories about being in Germany and murdering the fuck out of Nazis.


So fuck you and your “Captain America wouldn’t have wanted this.” Captain America was written by a man who absolutely would have supported punching Richard Spencer in the face. Multiple times. 


It is morally correct to punch Nazis.

It is morally correct to boycott their businesses, stand outside their businesses telling others who pass by that the business is owned by a Nazi, and provide documentation of the same to those who ask. One place you might consider doing this is in a privately owned public space, such as the one on East 56th street, in New York City.

It is also morally correct to make sure that Nazis march out in the open, where you can see them, hear their hate speech, make a note of who was there and speaking, and make sure you boycott their businesses and use their presence at Nazi marches and events as evidence of their Naziism (as recommended above). 

It is also illegal to hit Nazis.

This does not make it morally incorrect.

It was illegal to help slaves escape. It was illegal to hide Jews. It was illegal to speak up against the Nazis in the Third Reich.

Sometimes, the law is both moral and legal: killing people, for example. Not legal, not moral.

Sometimes, the law is moral, but not legal: banning Nazis from marching and holding rallies. Moral, but not legal. Has come back to bite us in the ass, because we grew complacent as more liberal norms became more normal.

Sometimes, the law is neither moral nor legal: banning interracial or same-sex marriage. Not moral, and not legal (deprives people of 14th Amendment and spousal-privilege protections). Arresting journalists covering violent protests (violates the 1st Amendment, AND tries to intimidate journalists. Not moral, not legal).

Protesting those laws and behaviors should be peaceful (not necessarily convenient).

But when one of the Nazis has repeatedly called for violence against his fellow man?

It is morally correct to alt-high-five him in the face.