I’m sure I don’t say this enough bc this blog has evolved w me out of active recovery, but for those of you in those early, chaotic, agonizing phases (or coming out of relapse), it gets easier. I know it feels like you’re the one who can’t do it, and recovery seems fake or impossible to imagine, and you’re not seeing progress, and you’re in so much emotional and physical pain. This doesn’t last. If you keep going, pressing into recovery, you will move past this and the way forward will become clearer and clearer. You will get free. Yes, even you. 💗


I think our culture only wants certain recovery and survivor stories. They have to be stories that are neat and finalized, with no loose ends. Stories that promise a return to “normality.” Stories where the survivor is now somehow unbreakable and robust, “inspirational”, having put all the shattered pieces back together in perfect formation so the cracks don’t even show. Trauma is left way, way behind on the road. But most stories of survival and recovery are not usually like this. They are fragmented, halting, changing and sometimes circling back. Sometimes they’re slow. Sometimes they’re so incremental that to an outsider it seems like progress is not even being made. They’re often stories of relapse and then recovery again, falling and getting up again, breaking and then putting it together again in a different way. They’re really messy stories. I don’t know if a lot of people can handle that uncertain, vulnerable space. And maybe that’s why we don’t get that many stories, at least in the mainstream, that tell the story like the shifting and often tender trembling thing it is.

edgelord™: the worst way to end something is “everyone is happy in the end!” like how boring can you be???
me, with my crippling mental health cocktail, clinging desperately to the idea that survivors can find happiness someday and aren’t forever plagued by their problems: …….okay


How about this

How about instead of “recovery arcs” for disabled characters

We have self-actualization arcs

How about we let a character discover self-love, self-care, identity, and pride in being disabled

Instead of the purpose of a disabled character’s story to always be to become non-disabled in the end

Honestly, fuck recovery arcs



“tumblr is anti-recovery” well seeing as how “recovery” in society generally means “able to work full time and contribute to capitalism regardless of your actual health and happiness” I fail to see why I should be pro-recovery tbh I really do, cos if there’s one thing you learn when studying in community and social services it’s that your job is not to make people “well” it’s to get them off welfare and into full time employment, and fuck that. 

Also not all of us will “recover” ever no matter how hard we try. For many people, especially those with personality disorders or trauma related illnesses, our conditions are chronic and while the symptoms might lessen or become easier to deal with over time they will never completely go away. I’m tired of seeing pro-recovery posts and feeling excluded. I can’t really recover and that’s OK.