METRÓPOLIS (1927) directed by Fritz Lang

The impressive futuristic film was set in 2017, and it dealt with the awakening of the male protagonist, Freder Fredersen- who is son to John Fredersen, the founder and master of Metropolis. The young man was shocked after finding out that the poor lived underground and worked as robotic slaves to provide for them, the wealthy who lived freely on the surface. Chaos ensued in the utopian city Metrópolis.

Already last year [Kourganoff] tried to discourage me from taking courses in programming: “Electronic computers are just toys for engineers.” In saying this he is merely reflecting the opinions of the academic mainstream. Four years ago the world was amazed to learn that the Russians had launched the first artificial satellite. My father did not believe in it any more than he believed in flying saucers: “Communist propaganda,” he stated immediately.
It is only when the conservative papers confirmed the news that he was forced to admit the evidence. But he never agreed that an astronaut would some day orbit the earth: “Man cannot get out of his sphere,” he would say. Even professional scientists were caught completely unprepared. No less an authority than the Astronomer Royal of Great Britain had said, a mere four months before Sputnik, that “Space Travel is Utter Bilge.”

Vallee, Jacques. FORBIDDEN SCIENCE 1: A Passion for Discovery, The Journals of Jacques Vallee 1957-1969