So I found out something today that blew my mind. These pictures are from two Yes album covers, Fragile and Yessongs. I was reading through Roger Dean’s Views when I made a really awesome discovery (for me at least): these pictures are actually telling a story in chronological order. The first two show the front and back of Fragile, where a planet breaks apart over time. From the book:

“The planet disintegrates but the inhabitants have built a spaceship which on the Yessongs cover is shown guiding fragments of the planet as spores through space. The second picture on the Yessongs cover shows these spores impregnating a new planet, introducing life. In the fourth picture the cities evolve.”

As you may know, I am a giant fan of Roger Dean’s work, and it’s really cool to understand his paintings at a deeper level.

I think this should be of interest to solarpunk people.