Another Runae Moon song that is so Loki.

I’m alive, I’m not dead yet.
My blood still flows, the ends not a threat.
I am strong! Don’t care what they say.
Nothing in this world can destroy me.
{verse 1}
I have fallen from the weight of the world upon me.
But I get up dust off the shit that’s been dirtying me.
It’s hard when the whole world seems to be completely against me.
So what screw you and all the things you do to hurt me.
(repeat chorus)
{verse 2}
Twisted thoughts flow inside my mind I’m high most of the time.
Say what you want I don’t give a fuck, because I think you suck.
I’m not made of glass wont break wont smash so kiss my white gothic ass!
You can’t shake me your not a threat cuz I’m not dead yet!




With You —original song (by RunaeMoon)

I’m posting this especially for shaitana, who’s been having a rough week. Or month. Whatever, here. *hugs*

That was simply beautiful. Thank you. And now to share this lovely sentiment with kindred and my followers.

Reblogging because people need this reminder on a regular basis. (Me too.)

For krakensdottir this time. And for anyone else who needs it.