The only positive to either of these shows not ending in a gay romance, is that Naruto and Sherlock show a friendship can have a stronger bond than a romance or even a marriage.

Are you straight

hang on i wanna hear about the bond between sherlock and naruto

Me: So, Wato-San, John, and Joan Watson are all seeing therapists.
Roommate: I guess it says something about what it takes to live with a Sherlock.




listen. it’s 2018. it’s time to admit, finally, that bbc sherlock is, in fact, bad, and was only good because we watched it when we were 15 and didn’t know how to dismantle scripts that SOUND clever but are really just gold-flake covered shit

why did it take me 90 minutes to say this

Holy fuck








#I want to point out one small thing from this scene #did anyone else notice #that john looked at irene for like #two seconds #and instead of stammering over his words #asking how #or even why #what the hell is going on? #john just closes his mouth #and the first thing he says is an order #tell him you’re alive #because john knows how sherlock is #how sherlock thinks #and while sherlock may not be in love #john knows he was heartbroken #so when he said this to irene #my heart skipped a beat #because it’s exactly what people say #a study in pink is the story of how sherlock fell in love with john #and a scandal in belgravia is the story of john falling in love with sherlock #and the rest of this scene only proves it #we’re not a couple #yes you are

This, unequivocally this.

This, irrevocably, this.

I don’t care how often I reblog this. 

Three effing humungous cheers for protective!John.

Johnlock is going to kill me one of these days

Johnlock has already killed me.