Me: *opens window, sits beside fan*
Roommate: *puts on two layers of pyjamas and wraps herself in a blanket*
Roommate: Sometimes it’s hard to live with a frost giant.

Me: So, Wato-San, John, and Joan Watson are all seeing therapists.
Roommate: I guess it says something about what it takes to live with a Sherlock.

Roommate: (to cat) Leo!
Leo: *looks wide-eyed*
Roommate: I don’t know what you were doing, but you looked guilty.
Roommate: So I’m just going to say “Leo!” on spec.

Me: It’s funny how different our fannish ids are.
Roommate: Yeah. Like, you always have that one character who *is* you.
Me: Yeah.
Roommate: Whereas, usually when I’m writing, I’m god, I am that universe. I am the trees, I am the wind, I am *all* the characters.

Upstairs neighbors: *play the angsty song on repeat for an hour*
Roommate: The neighbors are either in a Loki mood or practicing a dance routine.

Roommate: Argh, the dollar store will be closed before I can get there. I object.
Roommate: I signed up for the city that never sleeps!
Roommate: Not the city that takes frequent naps!

Roommate: OK, I am fine with biographies of famous authors. That is a valid concept. But calling a biography of Arthur Conan Doyle “The Real Sherlock Holmes” is silly.
Me: Yeah.
Roommate: It would be like writing a biography of you and calling it “The Real Loki”.
Me: Hmmm….

Roommate: You know that Nietzsche quote you like about how the possibility of suicide is comforting?
Me: “The thought of suicide is a powerful solace. By means of it one gets through many a bad night.”
Roommate: Yeah. I feel that way about the possibility of calling in sick and skipping work.
Me: The thought of calling in sick is a powerful solace. By means of it one gets through many a bad day.

Roommate: There’s a tv series called “Tesla’s Death Ray”?
Me: Yeah. I’m watching because I might learn something about him, though I know if they learned anything really earth-shaking it wouldn’t be on a Discovery Channel series.
Roommate: No, we woulda heard about it.
Me: Or we would never ever have heard about it.
Roommate: Or that.