Star Wars Episode IV “A New Hope”

A (probably unsuccessful) long-term attempt to gif every DVD I own: 9 of ?

So I’m picturing Leia getting escorted from her cell for reasons unknown to her, Darth Vader a step behind her, and she’s trying to figure out what’s happening, and then after a few very lengthy elevator rides she round the corner and sees…

this bitch  and she just powerwalks to Tarkin, and Vader’s like, wait what, and Leia is honestly excited because here’s a person she knows and hates, and she’s like, “what should I insult? His hair? His family? His personal habits? Can I insult Vader at the same time?” and then doesn’t flinch when Vader bumps her shoulder like “What the hell, Organa,” but just continues with her lil’ diatribe.

have you ever met a 19 year old girl though? this is like the most true-to-life shit george lucas ever wrote, of course pissed off leia would charge straight up to someone she hates under heavy guard on an enemy ship to tell him he fucking stinks. it’s only because this is sci fi that she doesn’t put gum in his hair as a finisher.