tattoo artist: please stop moving

anti-sjw: why?? am I triggering your delicate tattoo artist sensibilities?? trigger warning: waving arms and logic! you mad bro? huh, you ma – ow ow ow that’s not what the tat is supposed to look like.

as a tattooist please beleive me when i say that i have tattooed this guy before.

i know its satire, but like. you’re not even wrong.

this is both the most enlightening and the saddest addition to my post.

i was exaggerating the best i could, and it turns out to be real. i’m so sorry for you.

Look everyone, the SJWs are finally trying to make memes! They may be a few years late and failing miserably, but we’d better give them praise and cookies or else they’ll go back to breathing really heavily and mercilessly beating their keyboards.

This post is three years old.

@rebelminds sounds like someone’s tattoo didn’t turn out so well


Hi tumblr. I’m Dani. This is my tattoo of a dandelion, to accompany my first post ever! A dandelion means the “tooth of the lion” in French, which means I’m super strong and tough like a Glad garbage bag. It also means fortitude, “make a wish,” and happiness or total faithfulness. Lastly, it is a flower, not a weed. Thank you.