I feel very naive. Infinty War started rolling along and I got so excited– they were finally giving me the Gamora arc I’d been waiting for! Her backstory! Her complicated emotions about her upbringing! Her desire to live but also her absolute willingness to die to protect the universe! Nebula! This is what I wanted.

And then we got to that scene on that cliff and I could just feel it all sinking in my gut

Because that whole time, they hadn’t been writing that arc for Gamora’s sake, they’d been writing it for Thanos.

And you know how you can tell? Beyond just that her end was to further his plot, beyond just that she was fridged at the bottom of a long fall for Thanos’s grief and Quill’s rage, it’s this–

The Soul Stone asks you to give up that you love most. If this scene was about Thanos then it reads like this: he did. He made that trade, sure-footed but heavy-hearted. It’s a scene intended to complicate him, to humanize him, and to show his utter devotion to his goal. It makes him a more comprehensible but also more powerful villain.

But if it was a scene about Gamora AND IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN, then it reads like this, and this is what proves it was never about her journey:

Gamora turned to her toxic, abusive father and told him no, this isn’t love, and the narrative murdered her to prove her wrong.


thanos: the universe has a finite amount of resources, so i’ve decided to assemble a reality altering gauntlet and use that to eliminate half of all life forms, thus ensuring the remaining life forms can live in peaceful worlds of plenty.

anyone else: why don’t you just use that gauntlet to create more resources




what she says: im fine

what she means: thanos’ plan was terrible and didnt take actual real-world evidence into consideration. we have enough resources and always have, the problem is uneven distribution as a result of a small group of individuals monopolising the majority of the wealth and resources, and even if there weren’t enough resources, killing half the population is not a sustainable solution and is actually likely to result in a lot of death in the immediate aftermath of the snap (as seen by helicopters crashing in the post credit scene) – think of all the industries that would face imminent collapse bc of the loss of workers!! the orphaned children incapable of caring for themselves!! the people on planes!! in this essay i will

Bucky should have thrown the communist manifesto at him.


Let’s be real: when white fan boys say they agree with Thanos it’s because they feel safe. They think themselves too important to be a victim. They imagine themselves as an intellectually minded arbiter of balance. When they say that *some* people should be sacrificed for the greater good, they have *very specific* groups in mind.

And that is why although Thanos’ actions are not the academic definition of genocide, they’re a macrocosmic metaphor for it, and I will continue to refer to it as such.

The same thing happened after TDW. I pointed out that in the first movie, Thor’s act of heroism was to figure out that genocide is bad and stop Loki from committing it. Then in TDW, the central heroic act was… genocide. Committed by Thor. And Bor had a statue 60 feet tall commemorating his incomplete genocide of the Dark Elves. But Loki must’ve just been evil to think that genociding a species he had been taught to regard as monstrous, and which was at war with his realm, was a good thing to do. Yes.

Anyway, the pretzels people twisted themselves into to try to deny that Thor murdering every remaining Dark Elf was not genocide were truly stunning. One person said that it’s not genocide if you’re at war with the species you wipe out. (In that case, Loki’s attack on Jotunheim was not genocide.) Another condescendingly explained that Thor, Odin and Bor committed *good* genocide while Loki attempted *bad* genocide.

Loki’s movies give you a harrowing glimpse into the darker reaches of the human soul.



yes! he was literally killing off masses of people to alleviate “suffering” but they were still all dying and suffering…. what exactly is the point to this plan it doesn’t make any sense

like…..what part of “ending billions of individuals’ lives” do they not understand here?? and what about the catastrophic apocalyptic grief everyone left alive would experience in the process? 

that line about the planets Thanos has conquered doing well after his genocides was the most fucked up thing about Infinity War. it’s a lie. it’s a horrific apologist lie perpetuated by assholes who don’t know what they’re talking about. we have genocide and ethnic cleansing and wars being enacted on innocent people RIGHT FUCKING NOW AS I TYPE THIS and these privileged white men think they’re being “intellectual” by saying “hey, maybe killing loads of people is a good thing!!” 

I can’t even articulate myself properly, I’m that pissed 

Fucking Marvel.



*switching lights on and off* welcome to hell!!!

this is what happens when you frame a genocide apologist as righteous and justified and sympathetic without giving any other characters the agency to challenge it, RUSSOS






Comic book Thanos is an incel extremist.

an alien that wants to win death’s affection is like something you’d hear about in a metal song tbh

Imagine being cucked by deadpool

maybe that’s why they changed his backstory for the MCU so that the big bad villain isn’t being cucked by chimichanga meme man

I can’t believe I had to read “cucked by chimichanga meme man” with my own two eyes.