Face Our Destiny / Age of Ultron & Ragnarok

I can’t see you but I feel you

…you are the faith that make me believe 

……there’s always hope at the end of despair.


the final version is done qvq

sorrrry i prefer put them a little closer together///

here’s another song i want to share with you all<3

Another You (Another Way) :

hope you like it*

Do check the tag for more beautiful Loki art by this artist. I’m too tired rn to go through and reblog it myself but it’s gorgeous.


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Thor and Wonder Woman hanging out! It could almost be an illo for my fic where Wonder Woman binds Loki with her lasso of truth.

In fact, even though I don’t like Thor anymore, I think I’ll buy a print of that. In the last couple of months, I’ve finally gotten so that in the right mood, I can imagine the old Thor who I loved again, before TDW ruined him. Not all the time, and I still prefer to avoid thinking about him as doing so usually hurts, but this picture takes me back to the happy time when he was lovable. I’m buying that print.