“I think in Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Thor,’ Loki is very much the ‘Fallen Prince.’ In Joss Whedon’s ‘Avengers,’ he is a kind of charming psychopath. And in this film, ‘The Dark World,’ Loki is the anti-hero.”

– Tom Hiddleston

I’m sticking with these 3 movies forever


“I’ve lived through him, you know. Other people can have their
opinion objectively about where Loki should go, but I’ve lived through
every moment. And sometimes I’m the only person who knows how it feels…”

Tom Hiddleston


Not that I wish to see this, but I would like to have seen more of this explained in canon. But I suppose I would even watch Loki brushing his teeth, so I’m not sure that carries much weight. Lol


Loki is the God of Mischief and his mischief is the thing that I love playing so much. His playfulness, his sense of fun. — Tom Hiddleston