TomHiddleston promoting Avengers: Infinity War in Shanghai on April 18, 2018.

I assume Tom is speaking to all the fans in the world in this video.
When I was going to a rough time in my life, I felt like Loki was there. I found support in writing stories about Loki. He‘s a character you could loose yourself in, a great character to write about. And I believe without Tom that never happened. 

This is something I would like to tell him:

‘You know I have two
dreams. The first one is become a writer. Tom, you are the perfect example of dreams
do can come true! That you said in interview you watched Iron Man and your
dream was to be in a movie like that. A few years later you get to toss Robert
Downey Jr. out of an window! How cool is that? This has giving me so much power
to keep believing. You are the inspiration! Now I think I should be able to at
least accomplish one of my two dreams.

I wish I could say this one time to you in person. Don‘t stop believing, I shall tell to myself in your voice. Because yes, things you do and say helped me in its own way like you said, helped me believe. You’ve given me so much inspiration. So a thank you is send to you from out The Netherlands’


I‘ve been a rollercoaster of emotions the last few days, I guess I‘m a bit too nervous for Infinity War.., but seeing Tom smile makes me smile a little (from the inside) again. hey Nicole now stop crying you need to go to work soon..

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Beautiful! Thank you @nicole-goddessofloki – I would like for him to really know how grateful we are for Loki, and all he’s done! <3<3





‘God of Mischief, Loki. He doesn’t look very happy. He’s not looking like he’s having a good time in the trailer… Is he not ‘ending his run’, more or less, with handing over the Tesseract?’

Imho, Loki is a survivor.  Loki is on Loki’s side since no one, except for Frigga, has ever had his back.  No matter how many times Thor has said he thought they’d be together always we saw Thor ignore the taunts and disrespect leveled at Loki by The Warriors Three & Sif, Heimdall plus that servant in the Thor deleted scene.  Both were Princes of Asgard but even before any Asgardian knew the truth Loki was treated like the bastard son.  Why would Loki trust Thanos?  Loki has learned NOT to trust anyone where his feelings or even his life is concerned.

I think Loki feels very much like a lone agent, and has felt alone for a very long time. So to what extent he’s wedded to Thanos’ agenda, or perhaps even runs alongside it or runs in opposition to it remains to be seen. —TH

In TH’s view Loki still feels alone after all the farces in Gagnarok. 

I’ll be very surprised, if Tom doesn’t see things the way we do.

“Gagnarok.” Thank you for that.


“He’s chasing power. But the reason he’s chasing power is because, really, he’s chasing self-esteem. Anyone — I think anyone who feels powerful has no need to reach for it. Those in the world who feel they aren’t powerful, they seem to have no self-love, no self-esteem, are constantly trying to get the power.”Tom Hiddleston, about Loki

Amazing how Tom can be so intellectually wrong and intuitively right over and over again.



Loki is someone, as I built him, that I found interesting because…

We all know Hiddleston is the ultimate Loki stan, nothing new here— except I felt like drawing attention to the fact that in this quote, he could have easily called Loki a nerd/geek/bookworm/etc as a foil to Thor’s quarterback. Yet Tom specifically uses the word “artist.” (Don’t apologise, its a perfect word!)

I especially enjoy this because of the way we tend to first define whether one is “artful” or “artless” predominately by measuring their cunning, cleverness and guile— which then becomes an indicator of their creativity, skill, and taste.

And now I want to dig out my copy of Lewis Hyde’s Trickster Makes This World and ignore all the other things I’m supposed to be working on today.

When I reblog things Tom Hiddleston has said about Loki I tag it “Tom on Loki” and only now after about 5 years did it occur to me that tag could be misinterpreted


I actually loved the scenes when I’m in the cell with Scarlett [Johansson]. That scene is so brilliantly written because they’re kind of similar characters, Black Widow and Loki. They’re both strategists, they’re both very hard to read, they’re underhanded and sneaky and they recognize each other. It’s like a kind of chess game. They’re both trying to get secrets out of the other one and they play each other immaculately.” – Tom Hiddleston