It’s just an open love letter from the fans.

(I noticed all he hate about this cutie recently so I will fight it with some Tony appreciation posts ! I will make more soon ! :D)

(its probably the four clips I love the most about him…)


Reporter in the Marvel unviverse: Anthony Stark, well-known as a generous philanthropist, the CEO of Stark Industries, and his alter-ego “Iron Man,” under fire today after a controversial video he posted to his personal Vine account went viral. The short footage showed Stark in the passenger seat of a car, driving by an anti-homosexual rally, repeatedly shouting “I love sucking [expletive for male genitalia]” out of the open window.




Tony needs Gary.

…and Gary needs Tony.

I am honestly grateful that it’s shown in almost every movie that Tony is loved by people. That even tho Avengers and Shield think that’s he’s not good hero material, people love him. Because Tony is legendary and brilliant and heroic and open, he smiles, he signs drawings, and keeps fanmail from children in his living room at home, and takes selfies, and shakes hands, and makes everyone comfortable around him. He invites them into easy talk and invites them into saving themselves and the world. 

( Sometimes I think about those people Tony saved from plane crash and how he congratulated them on being great team, “Go us!”, not taking any credit for saving them. Sometimes I think about them reacting to anyone saying something nasty about that filthy billionaire playing a hero, because to them he wasn’t just a newsfeed about nuke steered into the wormhole, but someone very real. I wonder about Harley, who knows Tony not as magazine cover but very human and very damaged person (Tony told him about having anxiety BEFORE he had an attack in front of the kid, he volunteered that information!!), still trying to save the world. I think about those MIT students, and about tiny Peter Parker in ironman helmet on Stark Expo… I think about that van full of soldiers that Tony, prior captivity, prior Yinsen, prior ironman, had turned from awkward silence to laughter and fun. It’s just… Avengers think that Tony is that narcissistic egocentric no-teamplayer playboy persona, but people know that Tony Stark is kind, and open, and friendly, and that he’s always, ALWAYS on their team. )



“Up until now, time had lost meaning to Stark because life
had lost meaning. Now it was different: Time continued to mean nothing to
Stark, but it wasn’t because of a sense of hopelessness. It was for the same
reason it usually happened: He was in the throes of creativity.

Tony Stark was perfectly capable of getting up first thing
in the morning, heading down to his work shop, and working until he finally
noticed the hunger pangs in his stomach screaming at him. Taking a break, he
would head to the kitchen to grab some breakfast only to discover that it was

That same focus of energy and effort was present now.”

Iron Man Movie Novelization | Gif Series



RDJ: Toughest part in being Iron Man are the close-up shots.

In an exclusive interview with Yahoo! Movies, in preparation for the release of the second Iron Man 3 trailer, Robert Downey Jr. says the toughest part of playing Iron Man is filming scenes with the “Heads Up Display” view, which allows viewers to see Downey’s face up close whenever Tony Stark dons the metal suit.  

From Yahoo:

“When you do the HUD work, usually it’s kind of the last thing in the schedule,” Downey said. “And you’re going back and essentially living the movie again in close-up, tired.”
Basically, Downey has to relive all of the action scenes in the movie they already shot and deliver the same level of intensity even though he’s standing still and there’s nothing for him to actually react to. That includes performing some of his most emotional scenes, like in The Avengers when he is unable to contact Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) while he is flying to what he believes will be his death.
Downey explained it this way:  “I don’t like, [as himself] ‘All right. What’s happening now?’ [as the director] ‘Oh, the most important woman in your life is falling off crane into a fiery pit. Okay? So, let’s just rehearse once and then we’ll do it about 10 or 12 times until the camera is right and you’ve given enough.’ They’re just screaming direction at you… I like the scenes. I like the action.”

(Source: Yahoo!)

This is why Robert deserves an Oscar. He is literally acting without anything to react to essentially. Wow. Respect