I’d love to see the “you and I, we aren’t so different” villainous trope used by the hero.

Many times villains are characters who are driven to doing bad things because they felt they had no other choices or this was all they could do to stay alive. They shun the law because it was never written to protect them. They are embittered because they feel, and because they are, alone. Cast aside, left behind, threatened, spat upon.

“You and I, we aren’t so different,” doesn’t have to be a reminder that something in the hero is foul. It can just as easily be used to remind the villain that they aren’t all society say is bad or wrong. “You and I, we aren’t so different,” can be an offered hand.

“You and I, we aren’t so different.”

It absolutely can be the most pretentious, insulting thing…but it can also be a hope. Compassion goes a very, very long way, even if you don’t see the road ahead immediately.

Ooo I like this idea.