My whole life has been dictated by someone else. Someone who’s been saying, ‘You will.’ And now, now I feel like I’ve discovered my own voice. And it says, ‘I may.’


We can’t define consciousness because consciousness does not exist. Humans fancy that there’s something special about the way we perceive the world, and yet we live in loops as tight and as closed as the hosts do, seldom questioning our choices, content, for the most part, to be told what to do next.


i can’t even tell you how the opposite of interested i am in bernard and what’s-her-name’s romantic relationship 

LOL me too.


westworld ♢ 2×03: virtù e fortuna

my whole life has been dictated by someone else. someone who’s been saying “you will”. and now… now i feel like i’ve discovered my own voice. and it says “i may”.