Proudly racing as number 34, She carries on the tradition and legacy of the great African-American drivers to come before her. Tia Norfleet is making Black History and I’d like her to continue to pave the way and inspire young girls, and competitive drivers all over the world.


She’s beautiul.

I wish her all the best, and I’m very proud of her! It always makes me so happy when I see my black queens doing their best especially in a White male dominated sport! Hope and pray she has a successful career! I love that she wants to be a positive role model to the younger generation. She is a prime example of a black woman with integrity and didn’t have to sexualise herself to gain success. 

Happy Black History Month! 




i love how many men clearly hate women being successful. i love making men feel uncomfortable because i’m living my life and doing things better than them.

You’re a slightly below mediocre artist that no one has ever heard of 

I don’t think you’ve ever made anyone uncomfortable, sweetheart.  Do you even have a single colour in your palette that doesn’t look like it was mixed with pond water? 

im so confused i dont even do art. this is the funniest insult ive ever gotten. THEY INSULTED MY PALETTE. i love this









srsly tho this is absolutely a thing that dudes do all the f***ing time

like where if he knows a girl doesn’t necessarily want to give him a hug, he will trap her in this position in front of witnesses where she has 2 options- both of which are undesirable for her, while simultaneously desirable for him

if she doesn’t want to hug him, whatever she does, it will suck for her.

she can 1. say nah and be the fucking asshole in front of other ppl or 2. forsake her corporeal boundaries and allow unwanted intimate contact

it’s a f***ing trap


So I was on the transit bus alone one time. This was my first time riding, and so already I was PETRIFIED. I sit down, pull out my ipod, and begin to play some games. This guy sits down next to me, and begins trying to have a conversation. I don’t really respond, I don’t even look at him, just give half-hearted “mhm”s and “oh”s, as I don’t want to be rude if he was just striking up a friendly conversation. He then asks me on a date.

Now, as I stated before, I already was absolutely petrified. My heart stopped and I didn’t know how to answer. So I just didn’t. He didn’t let up and I could feel his eyes on me. I quietly stammer out a “no thanks” and my stop HAPPENS to be coming up, so I pull the string thing to let the driver know I want to stop there, and once we stop and the doors open I get up and he asks me, “Well, can I at least have a hug before you go if you won’t go on a date with me?” 

This makes me break. There are now people staring, as we are the only people standing up and not getting off… So I just start crying. Hell, I am bawling almost instantly. He looks so fucking freaked out and people are now getting up to come over and comfort me/question him. I don’t stop crying, and he keeps trying to comfort me by touching me, and people are yelling at him for that. 

AND THEN. AND. FUCKING. THEN. THE GOD DAMN BUS DRIVER. A VERY EASILY 6 FOOT BURLY MAN. COMES OVER TO US. PULLS THE GUY AWAY. AND KNEELS DOWN. HE THEN ASKS, IN THE MOST CALM VOICE, “Did you request the stop?” I very slowly and shakily nod, as I am still crying my eyes out. He then asks, “Do you want to get off?” I give a quiet “mhm” and nod once again, and he offers me his hand. I take it, he stands up, and he escorts me off the bus. He asks me questions such as where I was going next, if I was going to meet someone shortly, if I was going to transfer buses from there. He was very polite and waited for me to answer the entire time, and my friend (who I was going to be meeting there) showed up. He asked me if this was someone I knew, I said yes, and he said alright, have a good day. He then told me- and this is something stuck in my mind forever, so it is word for word-

“If some guy EVER starts harassing you like that again, do exactly what you did there. Cry. Cry and scream and have a temper tantrum. Not only will it throw him off, but it will get others to notice. They might not interfere, they might, but you will have gotten their attention and if you happen to go missing the next day the search for you will be a hell of a lot easier because everyone in that location will have seen you screaming and crying with a guy now very awkward with his actions. They will know. That is what my daughter did, and three days after she went missing she was back in my arms. I pray for you and every other person like you who has this done. You stay safe now, okay?” And after I began blubbering again, I nodded and he left.

So this is the second lesson for yall. If you can not have the courage to say no or make an excuse, cry. Let out those sobs and tears and cry your heart out. Because it is going to make people notice and make people aware.

Reblogging for that second story. This might save a life.

I just wanna note that bus drivers can be really amazing and good ones do look out for their riders.

Also, as an additional tip (in case you cannot cry on command or such), you can say, “No, because you’re creepy/creeping me out” and if he persists or tries to laugh it off, say “I do not want to be touched” and look at one of the strangers/persons that is watching.

1. Gives them a sense of urgency in the situation, as the eye contact is a way to make them feel as though you are personally asking for their help and it is now their obligation to help.
2. Contains words so that if you’re in a public place but people aren’t necessarily watching, then they (as natural evesdroppers) can overhear the attention-grabbing words and then notice the situation. Note, this does NOT mean that they will come for help, but you might be able to look someone in the eye (as previously mentioned) or just get some people’s attention.
3. It shows that you have fight in you. As with rapists, those who are physically aggressive (ie. these huggers) choose women they see as an easy target. The moment you show them you are going/willing to fight them, they are less likely to continue. Sadly, this is not always the case, but every little bit helps.

Hopes this also helps, guys, and I’m so sad that this has to even be a post we need.

Dudes who follow me: 1) reblog this 2) don’t be the creepy guy who asks random women for hugs 3) be aware of your friends or random creepy dudes and call them out if they act gross towards girls/womem

I’ve actually have had this happen to me quite a few times. It doesn’t even have to be hugging at this point. A lot of guys in my past have done this to me. At one point one of the guys that hugged me, unexpectedly, told me beforehand that I shouldn’t be outside by myself. That I could be kidnapped for being too attractive/sexy/cute. I was mortified right then and there. He was taller than me. And more than likely was going to keep pushing his buttons.

So I did what I naturally was good at, scream and cry. I was in my neighborhood that had a bunch of people and families living around (apartments and the like) I knew they could hear me. And trust me, they did. At least three families came out and one of the dads from the families came up to us, I was blubbering and he looked right at the guy and said, “are you harrasing this young lady?” And he just gave a sly smile and shrugged, “I’m not harrasing, just helping her.” And without a second he got popped right in the face by this dad.

This random guy I didn’t even know. I’ve never met him in my life, yet he came and helped me.

Tl;Dr: If you are faced with a life threatening crisis like the stories above, cry, shout, scream, and if you have to, kick… do whatever it takes. People have good in them that will come and help you.

This honestly makes me feel safer, knowing that there are kind souls out there willing to help complete strangers being harassed.

Reblogging because a couple of weeks ago I got a creepy aggressive pass and it made me dig out my taser from my bottom drawer and start carrying it in my purse again for the first time in years.



Good Guy Burglar

no you don’t understand.

he fully knew that he’d be arrested for breaking and entering but he still reported this.

he know he’d go to jail, but he put human decency before his own freedom and called out this disgusting sexual perversion.

and if you don’t think that’s the tightest shit ever get out of my face.