It’s 3 am. Clearly what I need to be doing is lying in bed pondering whether any of my WIPs are worth writing or not.


You know what’s infuriating?

Not writer’s block, but segment block.

It’s when you know what comes before and after, but can’t for the life of you figure out how to write the middle bits.

Can you just… connect already?


“Not tonight.  I’m too busy writing or rather worrying that I can’t write.  That’s really the most tiresome thing about writing– though everything is tiresome really, except the one moment when you get what you think is going to be a wonderful idea, and can hardly wait to begin.”

-Agatha Christie, The Pale Horse


Being a writer is lying in bed at two am, waiting for sleep, only to be met with two new characters, clarity for a plotline, and an entire scene concept for a novel that isn’t your current project.


*Driving to work: I can’t wait to go home and write.

*All day at work: I can’t wait to go home and write.

*Driving home: I can’t wait to go home and write.

*At home: I think I’ll just stare blankly at this blinking cursor if you don’t mind me…


*comes up with an idea*: Oh that’s interesting…

*plots outline*: Wow this’ll be good…

*writes a sentence*: Huh…

*writes another sentence*: Well…

*destroys outline and just writes*: Why is this better than what I meticulously planned out…

Writer Struggle: The Wall


I mean, it doesn’t always happen at the same time, but
its almost always about 3/4′s of the way through writing a story where you hit
The Wall. I.e. the “this is the worst thing ever” wall, where you doubt everything
you’ve written, if it’s worth it at all, and just generally question your
entire life.