Can we talk about how in zombie shows/movies/books they always find a veterinarian and not a surgeon? Are veterinarians deemed more likely to survive the apocalypse?


  • One of our professional skills is ‘not being bitten by patients’
  • We actually have a good broad knowledge base for both surgical, medical, and GP things
  • We’re used to improvising equipment because a lot of stuff is just not made for animals
  • Meat safety is part of our training
  • Our cars are often full of equipment, especially in mixed practice
  • We probably weren’t in the human hospital at the initial outbreak




The zombie outbreak started 2 years ago now you find yourself cornered by a decaying zombie when you do the unthinkable and bite it first when it falls to the floor and grows its skin back and sits up and asks what is going on

This may be the best subversive idea for zombie apocalypse stories i think I’ve ever seen.


I’m changing Early Morning of the Living Dead‘s cover from the happy zombie that would love to come over and eat your face to an image of a building (in a super nice blue color). It’s for ads; the zombie cover was just too awesome for some people (or as they prefer to think of it, ACK! It’s depicting a corpse!).

I’ve also simplified the pseudonym, making it F. Larson. Faye Larson, F. Larson; one offers you light hearted gay romances, the other offers you awesome women who fight zombies. And a pretty blue cover.

So; come for the pretty blue cover. Stay for the awesome writing and zombies. They’d totally still eat your face if you gave them a chance.

I’ve read this story and I totally recommend it. ^-^


It’s out!

And looking at the cover, I just realized that’s probably a scary thing to hear 😉

Usually my protagonists are awesome gay men. This time around, it’s an awesome woman. Since it’s a bit different from my usual work, I decided to release it under another name.

~~ Blurb-y Times ~~

When Charlotte Stevens went to interview the mysterious Spencer Blake, owner and CEO of Blake Tech, she thought it’d be a quick visit. Pleasant chit chat, a brief discussion on his current projects, maybe touch on his connection to the disappearance of a local history professor.

You know. Basic interview stuff.

What Charlotte hadn’t counted on were the zombies.

Now trapped, Charlotte has to work with the man who she’d earlier asked if he killed someone against the very people that she knows for a fact would like to kill someone.

I’ve read it, it’s good, you guys should read it too.

I’m watching Resident Evil: Retribution on tv. It’s the one with the zombies with the freaky things coming out of their mouths.

So we saw this, and then cut to a Denny’s commercial and the screen instantly went from this to a bunch of plates of waffles.

I don’t think waffles are sufficiently explored as a method of combating zombies.